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ABOOT and the Generic Office Concept: True Innovations Put to the Test

The Leader Magazine

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Publication Date: Jul - 2011
Document Type: Article
Publisher: CoreNet Global
Volume: 2011
Issue: July/August
Number Of Pages: 3


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The office world is turning toward a fundamentally different concept called the activity-based office (ABO), also known as shared office, non-territorial office, hot desking, etc. The concept is based on the idea that the activities people perform in the office should be properly supported; hence measuring these activities is usually carried out through a time utilization study (TUS). The TUS is used to obtain a better picture of the activities of a job/user profile, and for each user profile, a specific part of the office environment, or "building block," is conceived.

Choosing the dimensions of the shared office environment is done by looking at people with the same user profile and their measured average presence in the office. This way, the designer can calculate the number of building blocks of each type that pertain to a certain division. Add to that the communication facilities, which can be deducted from the TUS to a certain extent, as well as other floor and building support facilities, and the brief for supporting the organization's needs can be composed.


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