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Breakout Session 11: Partnering with HR, CRE and IT to Connect People, Place and Technology: Shell's Connect Programme

Singapore Summit 2012

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Publication Date: Mar - 2012
Document Type: Presentation
Number Of Pages: 74

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What is the business case for a shared partnership of HR, CRE and IT? What are the benefits when these three departments work together to create a productive work environment for their talent? Shell's Connect Programme has successfully partnered with HR, Real Estate and IT to connect People, Place and Technology. The results created a vibrant, energetic, engaging and ultimately productive work environment. Shell believes their Connect Programme will attract and retain talent, and allows them to offer staff flexibility in their choices around how they work and use technology at the workplace.


Singapore Summit 2012, Shell, Workplace, Design, Energy, Benefits, Efficiencies, Employee, Productivity, Governance, Standards, Layout