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Moving Beyond Alternative Workplace Strategy: After 20 Years Can AWS Finally Scale-Up?

The Leader

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Publication Date: Jan - 2010
Document Type: Article
Publisher: CoreNet Global


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Over the last 20 years Alternative Workplace Strategies (AWS) have been widely understood to be a combination of practices involving space design and usage, technology provision, and HR policies that allow work to be done from a variety of settings beyond the traditional office environment. Specifically, based on our research and experience, most AWS programs offer:

? Efficiency and agility in the use of office space that is traditionally dedicated, expensive and mostly unoccupied, where we have seen as much as 50 percent improvement in asset performance and cost savings;
? Mobile technology tools that allow for information access and collaboration on-demand anytime / anywhere enabling organizations and individuals to utilize the cost, life style and talent advantages of mobility and geography;
? Flexibility and choice for workers to be productive from a variety of work settings that include corporate sites, customer locations, in transit, at home, etc. with supporting culture and policies that encourage ?results based performance? rather than time or presence based performance;
? And a belief that the role of the ?office? is to foster collaboration that will lead to innovation and speed, typically with a stronger focus on the Team over the Individual within the office environment.


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